House panel passes driver license for illegal alien bill

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Robert Pratt

“State Affairs panel votes for driver’s permit legislation” – interesting how even the Rio Grande Guardian took the Dallas Morning News path on this headline and left out the most important words from the headline: illegal alien.

Yes the Republican dominated Texas House State Affairs Committee which is chaired by Speaker Straus ally Byron Cook of Corsicana, passed a driver license for illegal aliens bill by a vote of seven to three. Worse yet the bill, HB 4063, was authored not by a Democrat but by Representative Cook.

And it’s no surprise that Bill Hammond and the Texas Association of [Big] Business is supportive. That group says we need to keep the margins tax; fully support the homosexual political agenda which puts businesses at risk for fines and harassment, and; now TAB is supportive of further enabling the lawless illegal immigration crisis with which Texans are faced.

The silliest argument offered to support this bill is that with its passage those residing in our country without legal permission will suddenly develop a respect for the rule of law and shell out big money for vehicle liability insurance! On its face this is a ridiculous argument but, it also flies in the face of other key facts related to insurance.

Do you remember that just a few years ago we put in-place a statewide electronic database system to track liability insurance? Do you remember why? Because about the same percentage of people who didn’t buy liability insurance before it was made mandatory still didn’t buy the insurance decades later. But suddenly Democrats and some Democrat-lite Straus team members think those who don’t bother to be here legally will bother to comply with state traffic laws.

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  1. OMG I can’t even begin to tell you what I think and it still be allowed in print.

  2. Robert! Did you listen to the Interview? It’s the EXACT OPPOSITE of what you’re saying … “If we required these folks that, again, can’t prove lawful presence, that are driving without a driver’s license, and in most cases don’t have insurance … if we required these folks to go through a criminal background check so that we know who they are, and have a database on them, we do a 10-point fingerprint so that we have identification, which we don’t have now, we have a picture where we have an additional image of them, we make them take a driving test, pass a test, and most importantly we make them have insurance, this state would, in my opinion, be a lot safer than it is today,” says Cook.

  3. There is a reason for Joe Straus enjoying 100% support from Democrats in his Speakers race.
    Wake up folks, the man is a Democrat! I don’t care if he types “R” behind his name until his keyboard catches fire!

    • Just like the republicans in the US Congress electing Boehner as speaker the die was cast when they re-elected Straus. I’ m sick of lying republicans. No longer support the party.

      • Pratt on Texas says

        The “party” has little or nothing to do with it. We, those who vote in the GOP primary, are the party. It is the individuals officials who matter. We have a chance to un-elect them each primary.

  4. Just because it passed committee doesn’t mean it’ll pass the House/Senate and be signed into law does it? Do we have time to kill it before it does?

    • Pratt on Texas says

      No but passing the State Affairs committee is horrible, that’s the leadership speaking. Reps need to be contacted.

  5. Mrs Bench says

    Three words folks: Motor Voter Registration. This is an ill-disguised DEMON-rat voter registration drive facilitated by I-had-to-run-as-a-Republican-to-get-elected DEMONrats.

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