Winners: 2015 Texas Independence Day flag flying contest

image: flag contestBelow are the winners in the 2015 Texas Independence Day Texas flag flying contest as selected by Pratt on Texas.

Each winner will receive a Texas flag flown over the Texas Capitol on San Jacinto Day, 21 April 2015.

We had great entries from all regions but the KFYO audience really dominated this year. A 4th winner was added as Carl Tepper’s “Chairman’s Choice” as he was included in the judging this year after reminding all on-air while guest hosting that the contest was his idea several years ago! Congratulations to all and thanks to all who entered – all the photos were very nice this year. – Pratt

Click on each to see a larger version.

image: WindEnergy

Tyler Mattson’s winning entry titled “Wind Energy in Texas”. Tyler listens via KFYO.

image: Harley and flags

Tim Forester’s winning entry captioned: “My home on Texas Independence Day 2015, while listening to your broadcast on 1290AM radio, Wichita Falls. The one to the right of Texas, is the POW/MIA Honor Tribute flag. The Flags fly 24/7 365”

image: Curnow's flag

Bill Curnow’s winning entry. Such color and framing! Bill listens on KFYO and is a longtime Listener Club member and friend of the program.

image: Father and daughter post the colors

Dana Phillip’s winning entry (Chairman’s Choice) captioned: “My daughter (Olivia) and I raising the Texas flag and the Gonzales Flag ( like the one out ancestor flew) on the morning of Independence day. Our house is at the top of the hill off of the north loop and the interstate and can be seen as people come into the city.” Dana listens on KFYO.

image: Texas flag winner kit

Texas Independence Day flag flying contest winner kit: Official certificate, presentation box, cotton Texas flag (3 by 5 foot), and Texas flag rule book.

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  1. Mary Litton says

    Great pics. You picked best in Texas

  2. All amazing photos Robert! I’m proud of each individual represented here. And Chairman Tepper was/is right on. Glad he whined like a little girl to get his way.

  3. Great choices. Hope that guy on the wind tower has his harness hooked Up

  4. tim forester says

    It`s a True Honor to have been selected a winner of your contest this year. The flags all fly from the same height. Please accept my Heartfelt Thank You, for your consideration, and may the Good Lord Bless Texas, our Troops, Veterans, and their families, wherever they are. Tim Forester

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