Why does Texas Tech not treat traditional ideas equally?

Last summer we learned that we are paying for Texas Tech to keep and staff an “Office of LGBTQIA” which appears to be little more than an effort to use taxpayer resources to promote, to advocate for, homosexuality and the political and social agenda thereof.

From an official TTU office.

Last week a story by Thomas Williams, Ph.D. appeared in Breitbart worldwide with the headline: “Texas Tech Transgender Workshop Coaches Men to Sound Feminine.”

Dr. Williams is a permanent research fellow at the Center for Ethics and Culture at Notre Dame University and chief for the Breitbart Rome bureau. His story detailed how Texas Tech Health Sciences Center Speech Language & Hearing Clinic is offering workshops with:

“The ultimate goal is to help those individuals transitioning from male-to-female with their voice. We work on feminine pitch and feminine qualities,” according to Tech speech therapist Angela Van Sickle.

Let me be clear, as Obama would say, no discrimination, violence, or anything of the sort should be allowed at Texas Tech just because someone who is male wants to wear a dress.

However, the institution should not be helping him pick out his fashion and teaching him how to apply his makeup. Nor should our tax dollars and our institution be used to teach him how talk in a with “feminine pitch and qualities.”

The sexual radicals are given an office, paid staff, and institutional programs… and we are forced to pay for it.

And our voices on the matter should, at minimum, be given equal consideration at Texas Tech to those who support this gender “transition” movement. But we are not afforded such.

image: Robert Duncan

Texas Tech Chancellor Robert Duncan

The sexual radicals are given an office, paid staff, and institutional programs to assist their ideas and actions and we are forced to pay for it.

Chancellor Robert Duncan, where is our Office of Heterosexual Normality and its paid staff? Where are the seminars upholding the traditional nuclear family and the indisputable science of sexual biology?

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