Why support Texas Tech if it doesn’t support you?

Pratt on Texas“Lovely way for Tech to make the national headlines on Breitbart. Good grief!,” wrote Eddie Wimberley in posting a story to my Facebook page.

The headline of the story? “Texas Tech Transgender Workshop Coaches Men to Sound Feminine.

You may remember that last summer I published a story detailing how Texas Tech was using taxpayer money to propagandize faculty and staff in relation to sex/gender changes. The piece by investigative reporter Jon Cassidy began with:

“Just before last semester ended, the faculty, staff and students of the Department of Mathematics at Texas Tech University were called to a meeting with one topic of discussion: one of the professors was getting a sex change, which nobody was supposed to call a sex change.”

It went on to explain that three administrators, we should call them “thought engineers,” were sent to propagandize the full faculty and staff of the department into how they are to think about a male colleague wearing a wig and dresses to work.

Now, Breitbart reports: “Texas Tech University has joined other U.S. colleges in offering a workshop to help people “transitioning” to the opposite sex to sound more like their target gender.”

A May 2018 post on the Texas Tech University Lgbtqia Facebook page. This is political and social advocacy for an issue, not education or emotional support.

“The program offers transgender individuals the chance to “work on vocal presentation” with coaching by professional speech pathologists who help them develop the correct pitch and voice qualities that fit with their new gender identities,” the story reports.

Texas Tech is using your tax money to push the immoral political agenda of the Left, to advocate for the practice of homosexuality and transgenderism.

Why do so many choose to pretend such isn’t happening?

Why do many of you enable these destructive moves by giving them your money and your loyalty when the institution is clearly working to destroy the values and mores you hold dear?

What do you think?...

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