Voters should demand rational argument on local issues

Pratt on TexasMany of you face local elections on May 5th for which early voting is underway.

Among the things I have noticed this election cycle is an effort, at the local level which more mirrors the Left at the national level, to broom aside rational discussion and encourage emotional non-thinking.

In Lubbock’s vote on abandoning its municipal auditorium and coliseum complex the first actual argument delivered to me personally and then across the media by political leaders was one of pure emotion saying that we need to get over our sentimental feelings about the facilities as if sentiment, not the usefulness and financial value of the facilities is all that is driving any opposition to their grand scheme.

In Wichita Falls there is an argument going around that if citizens do not approve more than a hundred million dollars of long term debt, those people are against their city moving forward, whatever that means. It is pure emotion and devoid of evidence and data demonstrating need of certain facilities and justifying claims of how building new civic buildings will lead to net economic gains which will be greater than the actual costs to taxpayers.

In Abilene you have the huge push by the liberals and civic cheerleader crowd to prevent re-election of a city councilman who has done nothing other than what he promised the voters who elected him he would do.

I have read no argument or objection to Councilman Kreitler other than the emotional ranging from he is not part of the right social crowd to the most shallow reason of some disliking his personality. No argument has been made on what votes he has taken that are wrong other than saying it was wrong for him to push to give citizens a vote on whether or not they approve of a new street maintenance tax upon them; to all but elitists that is a positive not a negative.

Voters should demand respectful cogent argument and punish those who refuse to deliver such as anything else is disrespect of those voters.


  1. http://Margarett says

    Would love to hear about the “Liberals” you are speaking of! Did you realize that Alex has been working with the young republicans of ACU – their group has grown from 11 last year to over 500 that is a 2000% increase. Those of us that are REPUBLICANS, Conservitive right wingers take offense greatly to you making it sound like if we don’t vote Tea Party for Kreitler we are Liberal, you know him by meet and greets but do you KNOW him? I was an avid listener have been to your shows here in Abilene have pictures with you, but this is just too much. People can vote for who they please, I do, but I live here I am informed about the race and the goings on in this town, I believe you sir have been very misguided. It has been said by one councilman “do you want them to represent you” and by that statement it was not about agenda but personal – which is it? You have 2 people in your ear that are hardly upstanding citizens if we go by their personal actions and their past.

    • http://Pratt%20on%20Texas says

      Where in this commentary did I refer to “Alex” or call her a liberal? I made no argument about other candidates. You prove my point that you are coming at all of this through an emotional lens reading into my commentary, for example, things that do not appear there.

      As to Alex, her answers in the chamber guide demonstrate that there is nothing significantly conservative in her outlook. And, what’s up with the Leftwing “peace” symbol on her signs? Where in America is that signaling conservatism?

  2. http://Dale says

    Swamp needs draining at City Hall – beginning with your mayor. He is assembling his own little posse and no one dares say anything – it would be “racist”. If you ever have a disagreement with a minority (black, brown, women, gays, Jewish people, etc.) you are automatically a racist. Just because you are a minority (of which I am) you can cry “Foul” and make the evening news and of course, don’t forget the newspaper in Abilene. People need to wake up and take a stand – you are being manipulated by the “establishment”.

    • http://Pratt%20on%20Texas says

      Personally I don’t get anything like that from the mayor of Abilene. I take him as genuine and nice even if we may disagree. No doubt that the civic cheerleader crowd is engaged in ostracizing people who are not “the right type” and similar – that’s what all self-appointed elitists do.

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