Welfare entitlement bolstered by government entitlement

Pratt on TexasIt seems that near everyone feels entitled to the fruits of the labor of other people these days.

Local government officials tell us that because their revenue has not grown at a rate as high as they’d like to increase spending, we should support them raising taxes so they can have all the shiny new things they want at our expense.

The entire Democratic Party seems to believe that people should work and achieve primarily so that government can take the fruits of their hard work and hand such out to others. Democrats essentially feel entitled to use your money to buy themselves political power.

All of this illness of entitlement from city hall to Congress has resulted in a partially ill society which carries the idea that other people owe you something. The pervasive nature of such is demonstrated by a story I picked up from KFDX-TV.

“A growing online petition asks that the government treat them [pets] like a member of the family and allow food stamps to be used to buy pet food. More than 89,000 people like the idea and have signed the petition on the Care2 website,” the story reported.

It also contained this line: “Unfortunately, SNAP benefits cannot be used to buy pet food, leaving poor families with pets in a difficult position.”

Unfortunate for whom?

Before you guffaw over the absurdity of this, remember there is little philosophical difference between the city councilman who thinks he has a right to take your money for elective items than the welfare taker who thinks you owe him for his elective choices like his pet.

What do you think?...

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