[Update: Furr’s removes 30.06 signs] Furr’s chooses to return us to the days of the Killeen Luby’s massacre

[Update, see comments below from a Furr’s official]
After of 20-years, Furr’s bans concealed carry; makes customers easy targets for the next mass murderer.

Pratt on TexasOn 16 October 1991, murderer George Hennard drove his pickup through the windows of Luby’s Cafeteria in Killeen, got out, and killed 23 innocent people and wounded 27 others.

Inside the cafeteria was Suzanna Hupp, a law abiding Texan who had reluctantly left her handgun in her car because it was not legal for her to carry her weapon for self-defense inside the restaurant.

Suzanna was effectively helpless to fight back or to save her parents as the murderer, who didn’t care about laws, systemically murdered the cafeteria’s patrons. Hupp’s situation lead to the Texas Concealed Carry law which has now been on the books for two decades with a statistical result of license to carry holders being twenty-one times less likely to commit a crime than the general population.

Fast forward to the fall of 2017 where a murderer with a long history of violence walked into a Texas church and was able to murder about the same number of people as were killed at the Killeen cafeteria.

And now for the sickeningly amazing: None other than a formerly Lubbock-based cafeteria chain has decided to make certain its customers are easy, soft targets for the next mass shooter.

The murderer could well have been stopped had someone been armed in that church but, as there is no do-over for this for type of thing, we are left to weep for the victims. Thankfully the murderer was stopped before he could kill others in other locations by, of course, an armed citizen from outside.

The lesson from the Luby’s massacre in 1991 is the same as from the church. There is no do-over in such a situation, the only way to save life is to be armed and ready where ever evil may strike and history teaches that could be anywhere.

And now for the sickeningly amazing: None other than a formerly Lubbock-based cafeteria chain has decided to make certain its customers are easy, soft targets for the next mass shooter.

Furr’s should be ashamed and should rescind the postings.

We’ve outrageously come full-circle as Furr’s Cafeteria, Family Dining, Fresh Buffet, or whatever name they now use, has in recent days, posted gun-banning 30.06 signs for the first time returning us to the days of helpless victimhood at Luby’s.

Furr’s management has chosen to return its patrons to the days of poor disarmed Suzanna Hupp helplessly watching as a mass murderer killed her parents and others around her in a Texas cafeteria.

Furr’s should be ashamed and should rescind the postings. The firm can be reached at 210-403-3725 or Furrs.net.


  1. Brad McNeill says:

    I will not patronize any business that has this in effect. Everyone should make sure to share the news so Furrs can reap the benefits of all the moron Liberals to frequent the restaurant.
    I can almost guarantee that most Republicans will go elsewhere.

  2. Dennis Howard says:

    No sweat for me. I quit eating there years ago! The food is lousy, the atmosphere abysmal, and the whole experience one to be forgotten. I can remember when going to Furr’s Cafeteria’s was a luxury after church on Sunday. The cooks, waiters and waitresses were dressed immaculately. A lady pushing a silver cart with silver coffee and tea service roamed about refilling drinks as a grand piano played in the background. It was a treat! Now it is a joke. This latest is just another in a long line of amazingly asinine management moves made by this company. Roy Furr is probably spinning at high RPM at what his company has become.

  3. I just contacted Furrs. I hope to hear back from them. According to their website, they are a division of Food Management Partners, a private group that probably does not publish their monthly or quarterly earnings. If this is a corporate-wide decision, it would be interesting to see how much, if any, this decision negatively affects their bottom line.

  4. Mr. Pratt. I am the Director of Marketing for Furr’s Fresh Buffet and would like to clarify that, as a company, our hand gun carry policy is that concealed weapons are fine in our restaurants. We do post 30.07 signs, and it was brought to our attention last week that our restaurant in Garland had inadvertently posted a 30.06 sign when replacing their signage. A 30.07 sign had been shipped to them and since posted. We have checked all of our other locations for the correct signage, but if you have first hand knowledge of a restaurant that is not posting their 30.07 signage, please share with us. Finally, I trust that since you are an advocate of the right to carry, you will clarify your post and share with your readers our correct stance on the issue. Best regards, Mike Griffith.

    • Mr. Pratt, we also had a similar mix up in Lubbock, that sign has been corrected as well. Thank you, Mike Griffith

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