Why are conservatives & Gov. Abbott so concerned over some local government regulations?

Pratt on Texas - copyright Pratt on Texas all rights reservedIn Texas some seemed mystified as to why Governor Abbott and conservative Republicans would make reigning in overreaching regulation from local government such a high priority as to have a called session of the state legislature to deal with such.

The reason is that we already have many examples of where such regulation leads.

Whether it be ordinances governing your trees on your property or Austin’s building permitting process which slow-walks all paperwork unless you agree to pay all workers a certain wage and above, these policies will ruin the state by raising the cost of housing, living, and doing business.

There was a major piece by Joel Kotkin, our old Democrat friend, at the Daily Beast titled “Why the Greens Lost, and Trump Won” and in it you’ll find this:

“The cutting edge for green soft authoritarianism, and likely model after the inevitable collapse of the Trump regime, lies in California. On his recent trip to China, [Governor] Brown fervently kowtowed to President Xi Jinping. Brown’s environmental obsessions also seems to have let loose his own inner authoritarian, as when he recently touted “the coercive power of the state.”

“Coercion has its consequences. California has imposed, largely in the name of climate change, severe land use controls that have helped make the state among the most unaffordable in the nation, driving homeownership rates to the lowest levels since the 1940s, and leaving the Golden State with the nation’s highest poverty rate.

“The biggest losers from Brown’s policies have been traditional blue collar, energy-intensive industries such as home building, manufacturing, and energy. Brown’s climate policies have boosted energy prices and made gas in oil-rich California about the most expensive in the nation.”

Those of us paying attention know where the road map of this patchwork of offensive-to-freedom local regulations will take us. We know that it needs to be stopped before we allow to be done to Texas what the Left has done to so many other once golden states.

What do you think?...

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