Press confused by Paxton having good friends

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Robert Pratt

For the latter half of last week, much of the Texas political press was fascinated with the fact that Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has real family, friends, and associates who believe in him and support him in his trials and tribulations.

Take this headline from the Texas Tribune: “Analysis: The advantages of having really, really good “friends”.” I covered a story from the Dallas Morning News on the subject which seemed surprised that family, close friends, and business associates had donated a half-million dollars to help him with his legal defense over the past couple of years.

Certainly the issue is newsworthy and should be covered but the attitude shown in the Texas Tribune, which essentially questions how Paxton could have so many close friends, says more about liberals than it does Paxton.

State law doesn’t allow Paxton to use campaign funds for his defense because he’s not being prosecuted for actions as an officeholder. But the law does allow gifts “conferred on account of kinship or a personal, professional, or business relationship independent of the official status of the recipient.”

image: Paxton

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton

Paxton is a leader; he has been active in his church and wider related activities; he has a strong family and a wide array of  deep friendships, and; Paxton has many business relationships with people who know him well and deeply feel he is being unjustly accused and railroaded by political enemies.

Possibly it is the liberal-Left lifestyle, with its shallow commitment to everything of real value including relationships, which confuses liberals in the press and makes them suspect of Paxton having true friends coming to his aid.

Actually I think that’s among the reasons they are almost always suspicious of Christian conservatives. It’s a world they don’t understand, sadly.

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