Voter ID: Judge Ramos can preserve some dignity for herself and the court

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Robert Pratt

Saying no additional hearings will be needed, U.S. District Judge Nelva Gonzales Ramos gave lawyers two weeks to file legal briefs on the matter of whether Texas should be penalized for its Voter ID law, reported the Austin American-Statesman.

Of course no additional hearings are needed as she has already made up her mind.

The lawsuit against Voter ID was specifically brought before Judge Nelva Gonzalez Ramos’ court by her friends in the Democrat front groups behind the suit. They knew what they were getting in Ramos.

image: Nelva Gonzales Ramos

Judge Ramos

Judge Ramos is carrying out a primary mission of the Left in working to push Texas back into the regime in which it must get preclearance for everything it and its localities do related to holding elections. This is important because it gives future Democrat administrations in Washington micro-management power over Texas elections and the Left has been furious over a Supreme Court decision a few years ago that weakened Federal oversight of Texas elections.

The Texas legislature just passed SB5 which aligns state Voter ID law with the temporary court imposed rules written by Judge Gonzales Ramos in the part of her ruling that survived appellate review. If she simply rules that Texas has remedied the problem with SB5 and we can move forward, then she will have preserved some dignity for herself and the court.

If Judge Ramos rules SB5 to not be a sufficient fix she’s essentially ruling against the rules she authored. If she uses this issue to decree that Texas once again has to ask the Feds for permission on everything to do with elections, Judge Ramos will prove beyond any doubt that she is little more than a Leftwing political hack in a black robe.

It’s all up to her.

August Update: She chose to be a Leftwing activist judge and destroy the integrity of her court and her reputation as a judge.

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