Abbott calls special legislative session to begin 18 July

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According to the Texas Tribune’s Patrick Svitek, Gov. Abbott said at a Bell County GOP dinner: “Our goal is to solve your challenges, to solve your problems.  I think there is one challenge, one problem, that many Texans face that went unsolved. It’s complex, but it needs to be addressed, and that is the incredible rise in property taxes in this state. There has to be a solution, but it seems like at least a starting place — and maybe the best way to solve it — is for those who pay the property taxes — let them have a say on what those property taxes will be,” Abbott said Monday. “Give them a vote on their own property taxes.”

Now the Governor has called a 30-day special session of the 85th Texas Legislature to begin on Tuesday, 18 July and listed a whopping 20 items to be considered. Among those items are meaningful property tax reform.

Image: Greg Abbott

Gov. Greg Abbott

Abbott specifically stated that he wants SB2 with the rollback provision at minimum saying that it’s that or something better if they can come up with such. Abbott also included annexation reform and asked for passage of Senator Campbell’s bill on this vital issue pointing out that the current system is “piracy by government and it must end.”

Several pro-life items were listed; Abbott demanded a pay increase for Texas teachers as well as the creation of a school finance reform commission as Senator Taylor had called for in a bill. Other good items were pre-emption of some local government over-regulation on construction and property use.

The Special begins July 18th and runs for thirty days.

Legislators don’t have to pass anything.

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