Anti-Wimp: Huntsville homeowner ends one burglar’s career

KBTX reports: According to [Huntsville] police, the homeowner pulled into his driveway before 11 p.m. Wednesday in the Elkins Lake subdivision. Officers say the homeowner noticed the back door had been kicked in.

Officers said that’s when the homeowner went back to his car and got his handgun. He returned to his house and was confronted by two men. Investigators say the homeowner fired his gun, striking both of them. One of the men died at the house, the other managed to leave. Investigators said he showed up at Herman Memorial Hospital in The Woodlands with two gunshot wounds.

Right now, police do not know how the second man made it all the way to The Woodlands. He is in critical condition. Officers believe they will charge him with the burglary after he is stabilized.

Investigators believe the home wasn’t chosen at random and that narcotics are involved. Both of the alleged burglars are from Hempstead. Read more here.

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