Texas House budget ignored conservatism; praised by liberals

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Robert Pratt

What do you think about your local state representative, who claims conservatism and limited government as his ethos, telling you how happy he is with the initial budget passed by the Texas House? How about if I tell you that liberals in Austin are praising that same budget?

Take this headline: “Quorum Report’s Liberal Columnist Glenn W. Smith applauds the common sense of House budget writers, but warns that Trumpism remains loose across the land.”

The column began with: “First, the good news. There was an outbreak of common sense in the Texas House of Representatives this week. Members voted to get us through drizzly economic weather and balance the budget by using $2.5 billion of the Rainy Day Fund.”

Are state reps trying to fool us about what a fine and conservative budget they passed?

About the budget debate on the House floor the Austin American-Statesman reported that throughout the debate “the House leadership was able to steer away from controversial priorities being pushed by the more conservative wing of the GOP.”

“Throughout the day, allies of House Speaker Joe Straus, R-San Antonio, easily swatted away attempts by tea party-aligned legislators to insert their priorities into the budget,” read another line in the American-Statesman coverage.

The paper pointed out that conservative efforts at reform were often “easily defeated by a coalition of Republicans allied with Straus and almost every Democrat.”

Our state representatives are telling us what a conservative, responsible budget they passed last week. Each of them needs to explain why entrenched liberals are praising their work.


  1. If “liberals” praise them, this is automatically bad? I don’t understand this logic.

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