Anti-Wimp: 12-gauge burglar alarm does the trick

The Tyler Morning Telegraph reported: “Mary Farmer was standing on her back porch Sunday afternoon when she noticed an unfamiliar truck pull up to her elderly parents’ property. After a few moments of watching, she noticed two men begin to load up their truck with her father’s possessions.

“After I noticed they started to load up stuff into their truck, that’s when I drove over there and confronted them. That’s when they tried to leave,” Mrs. Farmer said.

“As the men attempted to leave the property, Mrs. Farmer pulled a 12-gauge shotgun from her vehicle and held the two men at gunpoint as she called 911.

“I’m sure the dispatcher on the other end of the phone enjoyed my lecturing to these two men taking my daddy’s stuff,” Mrs. Farmer said. “I had plenty of time to lecture them, and tell them how ashamed they should be. They weren’t young men – they were older, so they knew better.”

“Sgt. Coslin, with the Smith County Sheriff’s office, said Mrs. Farmer blocked the men in with her vehicle before pulling the shotgun on them.

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