Abolishing the federal education department is the easiest of big reforms

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Robert Pratt

A welcome headline: “Texas Rep. Roger Williams Co-Sponsors Bill to End U.S. Education Department.” It was for a story filed by Dr. Susan Berry at Breitbart.

Our friend Roger Williams  is now the ninth co-sponsor of a bill that would terminate the U.S. Department of Education which was created by Jimmy Carter as a payoff for the teachers’ union vote in 1976. President Reagan campaigned on closing the unnecessary federal agency but proved his own axiom true that the closest thing to eternity here on earth is a government bureau.

Weatherford’s Williams said: “I have said from day one that the federal government should focus on three things: defend our borders, maintain our infrastructure, collect our taxes — and then get out of the way. A long history of Washington bureaucrats inserting their failed policies into our children’s classrooms has resulted in a sub-par and often failing educational system,” according to Breitbart News.

The bill, H.R. 899, was filed by Kentucky’s Thomas Massie and is an icon of simplicity in that it is only one sentence which reads: “The Department of Education Shall Terminate on December 31, 2018.”

Will Congress move on such an issue? It’s been a call of the Republican Party to abolish the agency since its creation and finally there is a President who might just go along. But one little secret is that the agency has been a big jobs project for the spouses of Congressmen and spouses of DC staff members. Plus, we’ve seen how reticent GOP leadership is in the House and Senate on big changes.

But if we are ever to abolish a big federal agency, the Education Department would be about the easiest to explain to voters given that school are entirely run by states.

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