Media helps Travis County liberals scapegoat

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Robert Pratt

Need more evidence that in the Liberal world cause and effect doesn’t exist in political situations? How about this Texas Tribune headline: “Critics say governor’s cuts to Travis County hurt Veterans Court program.”

The story reported: “The [Travis County] court’s future is now uncertain after Gov. Greg Abbott cut state grant funds to the county in February in response to Sheriff Sally Hernandez’s support of sanctuary cities. A month after Abbott pulled $1.5 million from the county, Veterans Court manager Jolene Grajczyk said the court is still scrambling to find money to make up for the lost funding.”

So now we get the sob stories about all the people who might be inconvenienced by Travis County losing substantial funding managed through the Office of the Governor as if such were the fault of Governor Abbott.

Intelligent people without the liberal-mental defect understand that Travis County created its own problems, including those for the Veterans Court, when its new leftwing Democrat sheriff decided to grandstand and make a big move to not cooperate with the feds in immigration enforcement matters.

Travis County had plenty of warning of what would happen and moved forward anyway.

But notice how the press coverage is set to give the impression that bad things are happening to Travis County, not because of chosen actions of its elected leaders, but because of the actions of others.

This is classic scapegoat behavior and such is central to the mentality of those on the Left. Their actions and policies are never responsible for negative or ineffective outcomes. All that is bad is always because of those who oppose their philosophies. To a mature observer it would all be laughable if it weren’t so pernicious to a society.

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