GOP Leadership in DC: Truly repeal Obamacare or expect political war

Robert Pratt photo Copyright Pratt on Texas

Robert Pratt

Dear GOP Congressional Leadership, and especially our own Senator John Cornyn:

You’ve had half-a-decade to prepare for the repeal of Obamacare but apparently did nothing but fundraise and get votes off of your supposed opposition to such. You said give us the House and we’ll act; we did and you didn’t. You said give us the Senate and we’ll act; we did and you didn’t. You said “we need the White House” and voters gave it to you.

You’ve all, both in the House and Senate, been exposed as frauds in the sense that you had no consensus plan ready to go. You’ve also shown something even worse: total arrogance toward voters. Did you think we wouldn’t notice that you weren’t prepared to end the Federal health insurance scheme? Even more, did you think we wouldn’t notice that the plan you finally have put forward further entrenches the country into a Federal health insurance scheme?

Why are you so quick to worry about all these people who supposedly would lose health insurance if the subsidized exchange policies went away? What about all of us who were paying our way without force who lost our health insurance? Our insurers pulled out of the market or raised rates massively to comply with federal coverage mandates which priced us out of our coverage – oh, and our deductibles and out-of-pocket went way up too.

Obamacare uses tax money to subsidize both insurers and the insured. Obamacare is not repealed until both sides of the federal subsidy model are gone. Short of that, you’ve not repealed Obamacare and you’ve not really turned the issue back to the states as you claim your plan does.

Get the job done, now or expect political war from voters.

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