Texas Senate moves emergency items, House still trying

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Robert Pratt

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick put out a press release last week complimenting the Senate for already passing all four of Governor Greg Abbott’s emergency items. “On January 31st, Governor Greg Abbott laid out four emergency items in his State of the State address — Ending Sanctuary Cities (SB 4), Ethics Reform (SB 14), Child Protective Services (SB 11), and Convention of States (SB 21). Today, I am proud to announce that the Texas Senate has voted on and passed legislation addressing all of these critical emergency issues,” the Lieutenant Governor wrote.

And while Patrick was applauding the hard-work of senators who “moved swiftly and are committed to a conservative agenda that upholds the principles and values Texas voters have tasked us to protect,” frustration began to show with Joe Straus’ House leadership.

The Texas Tribune published a piece this weekend titled “Tensions mount between Dan Patrick and the Texas House.” And while much of that tension is speculative, there is no doubt frustration that House leadership seems to revel in playing the slow down game with the conservative agenda. And if the House doesn’t get the Governor’s emergency items out this week, there is real reason to criticize  leadership in the west end of the Capitol.

About another key bill, the privacy bill called the bathroom bill by most, Patrick said on a Dallas Sunday show: “The speaker said it’s not important to him. Well, it’s important to the voters.”

On Monday, Patrick got a little help. The Texas Tribune reported “Democratic Sen. Eddie Lucio Jr… announced he will vote for the so-called “bathroom bill” while appearing at a news conference. Maybe the Democrat supported Speaker will realize this bill has support beyond the conservative caucus.

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