Hillary’s ethos is no friend to women

Robert Pratt photo Copyright Pratt on Texas

Robert Pratt

Hillary Clinton has made yet another unfounded assertion about Mr. Trump saying that he doesn’t see women as “full human beings.” And yes, Trump has said some very crude things about women which gives this arrow to Hillary to fire. However, there is a clear record of how Donald Trump runs his business, which is a family business, and that record makes it clear that he puts women, not just his daughter, in positions of high authority.

Hillary Clinton on the other hand talks big about equal pay for women but pays them less than men. For at least thirty years in Arkansas and Washington, Hillary ran an organized effort to intimidate, and destroy if necessary, the lives of women her sexual predator husband had attacked or engaged with.

Hillary and Bill had such raw ambition and avarice that both of them were willing to not only destroy the lives of women who might become problematic; they let so-called friends and associates go to prison to protect them; they both sold access to high office for donations of one kind or another, and; they both had no problem telling the American people outright lies about their behavior.

Bill is now a convicted perjurer and Hillary needs to be convicted for compromising national security information.

The question for us is: Have we so lost the country and enough other Americans adopted a Clinton-style immoral ethos that a powerful plurality simply doesn’t care?

If so, it’s a sign that the corrupt Latin-American view of politics and politicians has begun the takeover of the nation in the way demographers have predicted about voting trends.

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