Halloween 2016: Costume suggestions.

image: Pratt with Trump hairHappy Halloween 2016! Have you ever experienced a Halloween where the two people shown us the most in media so fit the occasion?

Donald Trump’s hair and style make for a perfect Halloween costume. I’ve already seen quite a few photos of folks who have donned the Donald as their Allhallows Eve persona. Fun but not particularly scary unless you are an illegal alien or grammar teacher.

Then you get to Hillary Clinton who incessantly works to maintain an image of a witch from some nineteenth century English fairytale designed to scare the bejeezus out of little children who might grab a cookie from the jar without permission of dour, black-robed Victorian parents.

The Clinton fright-night getup only requires an ill-fitting pantsuit and a pointed witch hat along with an odd affectation of superiority woven with ignorance. Add a broomstick, the name Marines gave the White House helicopter when flying the oft-screeching Hillary as First Lady, and you’ve a look that should strike horror into anyone of reputable intellect.

Or, you could be more creative and go as one of the Father of Lies’ earthly workers. No, not the shopworn devil horns and tail.

Assume pancake make-up, trendy tie or blouse, puff up the hair, grasp a microphone and go as a mainstream media reporter or anchor. Such will get the attention of all the Hillary and Trump goblins and you get a free pass to lie to everyone about everything you do and see on the eve of All Saints Day.

We’ve all been tricked, I’m waiting for my treat this election season.


  1. You look better as a Latin American dictator

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