Anti-Wimp: Midland man takes gun from robber

From KWES: “…Cowley said he was ready to check out but couldn’t find a cashier.

“Very shortly after that I looked to my right and I noticed that there was a person coming from a back room wearing a hoodie, some sunglasses and kind of a mask on the bottom part of his face,” said Cowley.

“At first Cowley thought the man was wearing a costume, that’s until he saw the masked suspect was armed. The suspect demanded money, Cowley said he told him he was going to comply.

“My whole thought process was, I need to grab that gun with both of my hands and I need to be able to grab the stock and the barrel to be able to control it and make sure it doesn’t get pointed at me,” said Cowley.

“That’s exactly what Cowley said happened next and was able to wrestle the firearm away. Midland police are searching for a black male, about 6 feet tall, with a slim build in connection to this incident. The suspect was last seen running east from this 7-eleven. …

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