Anti-Wimp: Armed homeowner confronts armed vehicle thieves in Helotes

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An Helotes man was going through his morning routine before getting his son out of bed for school when he noticed headlights shining into his house. The man walked outside to see who was there to find a man pointing a gun at him and commanding him to “get back in the house.”

The homeowner complied but only as a strategic retreat, he re-entered his house to retrieve his own weapon.

“As soon as I was loaded and ready to go, I opened the door. I didn’t say two words. I just opened fire,” the homeowner said adding that the suspects returned fire. “My safest place was on the ground at that moment, and I just yelled out to my wife and kids to stay down,” the homeowner said, according to KSAT.

Bexar County sheriff’s deputies arrived to the house in a “few minutes,” reminding us of the axiom that when seconds count, police, or help, are minutes away. In this case they were already nearby responding to a call about suspects with guns in someone else’s driveway.

It turns out the suspected vehicle thieves didn’t get away anyone’s property but did show their alacrity at self-removal when the Helotes homeowner, a good guy with a gun, challenged them. When police find them they’ll be able to be charged with much more serious crimes due to their opening fire on homeowner.

All the better for Bexar County, all the better for Texas.

See a video interview with the homeowner here.

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