Texas Senate didn’t let homosexual lobby co-opt St. Valentine’s Day | Anti-Wimp | Border news – Pratt on Texas 2/15/2023

The news of Texas covered today includes:

Our Lone Star story of the day: Should Texas set aside a saint’s day, February 14th, to honor adulterer-owned or pederast-owned businesses? The Democrat backed homosexual lobby tried, and failed I am glad to report, to get the Christian Saint Valentine’s Day voted as a day to honor homosexual businesses. It was in-your-face disrespect as usual, and as usual, they were also looking for special preferences beyond equality by having homosexual-owned businesses given HUB status for state and local government contracting purposes.

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Anti-Wimp Update: Armed robber nets not so sweet reception in Sugar Land store.

Texas Tribune story picked up across the state with a headline that makes it seem that some secret about school choice was released. Frankly the story is meaningless and discloses nothing that we don’t know and that already happens when a student, as thousands do, transfers from one public school to another – the district the student leaves loses the attendance funding from the state.

Huge numbers of illegal entry into Texas and the United States continues along the border with Mexico with the Biden Administration doing nothing but trying to encourage more to come and cross. On top of that, Senator Lindsey Graham is teaming up with the Left to grant amnesty to about 2 million assuring that waves of people will keep coming no matter what we do.

And, other news of Texas.

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