Special Edition: Matt Crow on the 1994 Gringrich/Armey Contract with America

Matt Crow

Today’s special edition of Pratt on Texas is an interview with our good friend, true conservative, and guest host Matt Crow and how Newt Gingrich, Dick Armey and others took back the U.S. Houses for Republicans after 40 years in the minority with the Contract for America.

Matt was part of the Ronald Reagan re-elect effort (1984) and then the administration in the 2nd term. He also served in both the Bush 41 and Bush 43 administrations.

Matt is a native of the San Francisco Bay Area who went to college at Nevada-Reno and got to Texas as soon as he could, but it took a while.

He worked on Capitol Hill for a decade as a communications director and when he just couldn’t it take anymore, he came to Lubbock – and we are all glad he did.

If you missed the show on the radio, you can find the podcast here.

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