Are your tax dollars funding radical Leftist advocacy groups? | Texas wins top state for business, 18th time! – Pratt on Texas 4/27/2022

The news of Texas covered today includes:

Our Lone Star story of the day: Are your local tax dollars going to fund the Texas or American Library Association? If so, you are paying for organizations that have chosen to place advocacy for Leftism, sexual perversion, and even Marxism at the top of their agenda and are using libraries for such. Many school districts and city or county libraries pay the dues for their librarians and even fund trips to the conventions. Find out if you local government is doing so and if so, work to turn off the spigot.

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Texas wins again as best state for business, 18 years in a row! Plus a big stack of other business news.

Good news on the pro-life front from the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

And, other news of Texas.

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  1. Tracy Lott says

    Why is it that nobody is connecting the dots between Billions of dollars that we have sent to Ukraine and the money coming back to support leftist organizations and media like ANTIFA, BLM, CNN, MSNBC, NETFLIX and many others? Instead we on the right have schills like the Heritage Foundation that run cover for globalist ideology like the prevented idea of free trade we have adopted and man made global warming BS, I mean really exactly how stupid to you have to be to believe that CO2 has more effect on the temperature of the planet than solar cycles when we can actually look at the time frame of each solar cycle and it exactly matches the heating and cooling of the planet?

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