Celebrate San Jacinto Day, victory for Liberty and Texas!

Julia Taylor’s Texas flag flying in Brownwood from our 2017 flag flying contest.

April 21st is Victory Day in Texas, it is San Jacinto Day!

Here again, are the wonderful words of Kate Scurry Terrell describing the scene among refugee families on the Sabine River:

“………waving his hat and shouting “San Jacinto! San Jacinto! The Mexicans are whipped and Santa Anna a prisoner.”

The scene that followed was beyond description. People embraced, laughed and wept and prayed, all in one breath.

As the moon rose over the vast flower-decked prairie, the soft southern wind carried peace to tired hearts and grateful slumber.

As battles go, San Jacinto was but a skirmish; but with what mighty consequences!

The lives and the liberty of a few hundred pioneers at stake and an empire won!

Look to it, you Texans of today, with happy homes, amid fields of smiling plenty, that the blood of the Alamo, Goliad, and San Jacinto sealed forever:

Texas, one and indivisible!

It  is San Jacinto Day and all Texans should celebrate Texas and the great men and women who risked all in the fight for the Rule of Law and Liberty!

Fly your Texas flags; make a toast of thanks and honor those who fought and those who died, and; spread the word that San Jacinto Day is the day they won for us our identity as Texans and secured our Liberty!

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