Since when is bigoted speech a “hate crime” in Texas? | Electric vehicle owners must pay road taxes – Pratt on Texas 2/21/2022

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Our Lone Star story of the day: Maybe we have lost, like Canada, our fundamental commitment to freedom and liberty if a story from WFAA out of Colleyville is any measure. Since when is speech itself, even if nasty, hateful, and vile, a “hate crime” in the USA?! Bigots have as much right to call me a “white devil” as I have a right to call them bigots. The answer to speech with which you disagree is more speech – better, more persuasive speech.

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Electric vehicle owners are not paying their share of road taxes because such are levied on gasoline. That must end now and also, we don’t need to subsidize “charging stations” for them as that’s a job for existing businesses such as gas stations and convenience stores.

Anti-Wimp update out of Dallas.

Piano: Nina Lelchuk Memorial Concert from New York City, Lubbock’s David Weinberg (my good friend) is supposed to be first on the program. It streams at 6pm Central at this link:

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