Judge Pitman claims right exits to kill innocent babies | 10 governors’ border plan is no plan for action – Pratt on Texas for 10/7/2021

The news of Texas covered today includes:

Our Lone Star story of the day: Federal judge, Obama appointed and ACU graduate, places Temporary Restraining Order against judges accepting lawsuits to enforce the Texas Fetal Heartbeat law. The order does not relieve abortionists of future liability under the law. Would Pitman, an open homosexual, say abortion was protected under the constitution (which it is not, it is merely court precedent) if all these kill-the-babies advocacy groups spent their hundreds of millions backing the aborting of babies because the babies may have some genetic marker giving them a propensity to become homosexuals?

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Abbott gets nine other governors to the border with Mexico and announces a big plan that is embarrassing in that it is not a plan of doing anything other than asking Joe Biden to not be a Democrat! Governors say they won’t sit idly by but indeed their plan has zero action by their states.

WuFlu news includes data that school mask mandates in Texas has had little statistical effect in preventing infection, about 1 percent.

Look at Local races: Kelly Pinion, Lubbock County Clerk (full interview is on podcast page at 6pm.)

And more news of Texas.

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