Anti-Wimp: Armed Texan first complied, then shot & killed robber.

image: LSG Tactical Arms 2650 34th Street

LSG Tactical Arms: Lubbock’s official Anti-Wimp & 2nd Amendment HQ!

KHOU reports: “A husband and wife returning home in the Sharpstown area were ambushed late Sunday evening, leading to a deadly shooting, Houston police said. It happened at about 9 p.m. …

The man and woman were parking their car at their apartment when they said an unknown black vehicle pulled up behind them. Three men approached and tried to rob the husband, with at least one of them firing a warning gunshot.

The husband gave up some property before trying to get away from the men.

One of them, however, followed the husband and tried to take more items. That’s when the husband opened fire on the suspect, shooting and killing him.

The other two suspects fled the scene.”

All the better for Harris County, and all the better for Texas!


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