His border mess has Biden in Dem pincer movement | Citizen activism paying off in Austin – Pratt on Texas for 8/3/2021

The news of Texas covered today includes:

Our Lone Star story of the day: A look at Biden’s border mess and the rift within the Democratic Party that current headline point toward. Like all radicals who push revolution, the Dems’ young socialist revolutionaries don’t much care for who gets hurt, even their own, because their utopian ideas of what will cover after the bloodletting is the classic Leftist case of the ends justifying the means. But other Democrats, who likely agree privately with almost all the political goals of the AOC-types, know that having the Democratic vote base suffer could cost them political power. That’s why you see Biden criticized by the revolutionaries as well as the more traditional Dem politicians – border communities that are heavy Democrat base vote areas are hurting from the border crisis.

Hans A. von Spakovsky, manager, Election Law Reform Initiative and Senior Legal Fellow, Meese Center for Legal and Judicial Studies, joins us to talk about the mess at the border.

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Total Texas sales tax collection for July released.

Citizen activism in Austin paying off again with the anti-defunding of police proposition being certified to appear on the November ballot. Beware local power crowds who try, as they are trying in Lubbock, to make it much harder to put local issues on the ballot for a full citywide vote, they are only trying to take away your ability to right political wrongs when politicians ignore their constituents.

And other news of Texas.

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