Lubbock pro-life vote a serious Rubicon | God’s timing right in Pratt cancellation – Pratt on Texas for 4/20/2021

The news of Texas covered today includes:

Our Lone Star story of the day: There are Rubicons in life and being supportive of killing innocent babies in the womb for the the convenience of others is such. Lubbock’s pro-life, Sanctuary City for the Unborn, ordinance vote is a separate-the-wheat-from-the-chaff moment. The ultimate judge, with His eternal memory, is watching.

Why God’s timing was right in Pratt on Texas being canceled by those at that radio group belittling those who act to support human life.

Biden’s border crisis news.

The I-told-you-so on masks will have to wait for another day.

Other news from the legislature and more news of Texas.

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  1. Is is so good to have you back Robert!!!!!!
    We definitely need your voice and wisdom at this time of crisis in our country. Your previous radio station has lost me forever and my new favorite is the Christian station you are on now. Welcome back!!!!!

  2. I wish you could find your way back to southwest Oklahoma

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