Delayed primaries, sham pro-life position, some gun bills move & more from the legislature – Pratt on Texas for 4/12/2021

The news of Texas covered today includes:

Our Lone Star story of the day: Next year’s primary elections so likely to be delayed that the Senate passed a bill with with a selection of new dates for filing to run, the primary and run off elections.

Many gun and Second Amendment related bills made it through committee in the Senate but Constitutional Carry was not one of them.

Rep. Slayton says his border wall bill, to have Texas complete the wall and bill the feds, will not get a hearing in committee by Rep. Chris Paddie effectively killing it.

Texas Alliance for Life demonstrates why I call it a pro-life group to give cover to those who are often not pro-life in attacking Senator Hughes’ SB917. That bill makes needed changes to how end of life care decisions are taken by hospitals and other healthcare providers. The alliance claims our broken system, which gives patients and families little due process, is a “successful” dispute resolution process and that changing such will set the pro-life movement back “22 years.” Sickening. Texas Right to Life is right on this one.

Bond/bail reform HJR by Kacal heard in a House committee. It is a tricky issue but judges do need a way to better make judgment calls.

Texas Democrats and their front groups argue for giving “direct payments” to Texans “hurt” by the winter freeze and to use our state Rainy Day Fund as the source of the payments. Meanwhile, ERCOT sues to enjoy protection against lawsuits through sovereign immunity. And, Senator Hancock argues for bill that would let power companies borrow from the state at higher than market interest rates. It’s a bill we really do not need.

Plus more news of Texas.

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