Pratt on Texas’ new radio home in Lubbock: 98.7 FM & 1420 AM KWBF

Conservative talk show Pratt on Texas has new radio home in Lubbock

KWBF 1420AM & 98.7FM LubbockWalk by Faith Radio (KWBF) 98.7 FM and 1420AM is the new home of Pratt on Texas in Lubbock and the South Plains of Texas airing weekdays at 5pm beginning on Monday, 19 April 2021.

“I’m excited that Pratt on Texas returns to the air in Lubbock on 98.7 FM and 1420 AM, Walk by Faith Radio, for my 15th year of providing the news and commentary of Texas.  I’m especially proud to be on a radio station that is locally-owned – just like Pratt on Texas.”

Pratt on Texas has a strong conservative following in West Texas having been at the top of radio ratings for a decade and a half. The show keeps you up to date on national, state, and local political issues with Pratt giving his opinion on how the current climate affects you and what is right and wrong with the actions being taken by government officials.

“Walk by Faith Radio is eager to welcome Pratt on Texas to our station. Pratt on Texas blends right in with our radio station’s visions, beliefs, and values. We are excited to have this show on air and part of the Walk by Faith Radio family,” Victor Flores, president Walk by Faith Radio.

About KWBF 98.7 FM and 1420 AM: 

Lubbock’s only locally owned contemporary Christian radio station, KWBF broadcasts on 98.7 FM, 1420 AM and streams on We encourage listeners with a wide array of Christian music. Along with local on-air personalities sharing daily devotionals and updating our listeners with local news, weather and events. We strive to brand local businesses with our loyal audience. A true community focused radio station.


  1. This is great news! With all the discouraging things going on right now it’s encouraging to have something good happen! Looking forward to it. Thank you!

  2. Greg Oliver says

    I knew it! I knew Pratt on Texas would be back. The enemies of free speech and all that is good tried to silence him, but the good Lord opened up another way. I pray we can expand your reach even further. God bless Robert Pratt, Victor Flores and the Walk by Faith Radio family.
    Most Sincerely,
    Greg Oliver

  3. Janice Richards says

    Thank you, Robert is a great voice for our community.

  4. Andre Broussard says

    When is your time-slot during the day? So excited for you.

  5. Casey Brown-Myers says

    I’m so happy for you Robert. What happened to you was outrageous and I hope you drain KFYO of listeners. I’m sure they took a huge hit once they dropped your show.

  6. Chris Riordan says

    BRAVO ZULU!!! Glad to hear this my friend! Clay County has missed you and I will share on my FB page (sadly, and reluctantly….ugh) to get the word out!

  7. Helena Crawford says

    Mr. Pratt, you have been sorely missed by me and multitudes of others. Welcome back to the airwaves and be assured I will be a faithful listener once again.

  8. Awesome! Robert Pratt bringing sanity and information to me here in bat crap crazy commy Austin.

  9. Looking forward to your return !!!

  10. Looking forward to your return !!!

  11. Rick Baumgartner says

    Great news, Robert!! KFYO/Town Square Media made the biggest mistake in the history of west Texas radio by cancelling your show. I bet this little station will rise in listenership with the return of Pratt on Texas! I may not agree with some of your views — especially on COVID — but yours is an important voice that needs to be heard. Go get ’em! Put KFYO to shame!

  12. Robert F Elliott says

    Fox keeps asking why Congress mandated wearing masks last night. Simple answer, without the masks we could see their lips moving and know they were lying. Keep it simple, keep it real.

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