How Zuckerburg tilted Texas elections | Is Abbott all P.R. suit & no substance? – Pratt on Texas for 03/31/2021

A much heavier Pratt appearing with G. Gordon Liddy on his national show in 2004.

The news of Texas covered today includes:

Our Lone Star story of the day: Two stories both from Texas Scorecard. One, how Governor Abbott simply does not appear to do much to work with the legislative and other state leaders to implement the agenda he so readily promotes on not only state media but national media.
Two, how Facebook’s Mark Zuckerburg used $36 million plus dollars in Texas to get local governments to turnout Democrats in the 2020 General Election. Both important stories which sadly will see little if any reporting in the so-called professional political press.

Texas House passes most of its electric grid fix bills. Not much to brag about but it allows the issue to move forward for conference with the Senate.

The Biden border disaster continues to generate much news and even AP cannot hide Biden’s culpability despite much effort so to do.

R.I.P. G-Man, G. Gordon Liddy dead at 90 years of age.

Plus other news of Texas.

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