Rep. Burrows discusses his new HB3 on pandemic response; Austin defies Abbott, fining for not wearing mask – Pratt on Texas for 3/10/2021

The news of Texas covered today includes:

HB3 has come under strong criticism, Rep. Dustin Burrows addresses details of the HB3 substitute bill he filed today. Jail and fines; authority of a governor; checks and balances through a nimble legislative committee or a full meeting of the legislature, and; tension between the governor and legislature are among the things addressed.

image: Burrows

Rep. Dustin Burrows

Local sales tax receipt numbers have been released, I give ’em to you.

Austin to defy state, governor by fining people for not following its own mask order.

Biden’s Border Bait working for the Left as illegal aliens swarm across the U.S. Mexico border leaving federal facilities overwhelmed. Border Patrol agents say they are being kept from enforcing the law.

Much other news of Texas.


  1. Dorothy McCann says

    This is how I understand the bill. I have called and wrote my representatives Cecil Brown and all he fed me were platitudes , never telling me where he stood on HB 3. I also realize this was already signed by Abbott in 2019 and they are now trying to fix the wording. Mr. Pratt I love your wording they need to put their big boy pants on and make the governor mad to protect the people of Texas. This is how I understand HB3:
    1. HB 3 allows the governor to declare a pandemic disaster and continually renew it at 30-day intervals. ABBOTT CAN KEEP HIS EMERGENCY POWERS FOREVER.

    2. HB 3 Could result in businesses being effectively forced to require medical testing, treatment, contact tracing, or interventions for their employees, vendors, or customers. ABBOTT WILL BE CONTROLLING ALL BUSINESSES.

    3. HB 3 creates a criminal offense for individuals punishable by a fine of up to $1,000 for each violation of any emergency management plan. ABBOTT WILL CONTROL EACH OF US.

    4. HB 3 will require business liable who do not comply with government mandates.


    HB3 CALLED TEXAS EDUCATION AGENCY covered up with more money for each school district, recognized teacher excellence etc, etc… Why is Governing during Pandemic under the Texas Education Agency? Is this a way to hide it?

    Right now liberal school districts are still forcing children to wear masks. Children are the least likely to get or pass covid. Mask prevent full breath and oxygen for growing children. Masks are not good for children. a they need to breathe. Thank you for what you are doing.

    I started a digital group and we have been learning about government corruption for about a year, but we do not know how to be effective in resolving issues with elections, laws and government. Can you direct me somewhere, maybe for a beginner.

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