Abbott fired-up in border surge speech; In Texas, Twitter hides behind free speech – Pratt on Texas for 3/9/2021

The news of Texas covered today includes:

When Democrats start whining you know you have a new border and illegal immigration crisis.

Governor Abbott talks about the latest Texas law enforcement surge along the Texas border with Mexico: Operation Lone Star.

Gov. Abbott on the newest Texas border surge.

Abbott decries Biden administration policy and slams Biden for not giving COVID vaccine priority to border patrol agents.

It’s rich: Twitter sues Texas A.G. saying state’s investigation of it is retaliation for banning President Trump – says that ban is protected by First Amendment! That’s right it’s their free speech to stop the free speech of others. (Yes, it is a private firm but it is one acting as a public square through the neutral platform model that protects it from legal liability.)

Lt. Governor Patrick wants PUC to reverse and fix that $16 billion billing “error” and more on the 2021 Texas Big Freeze saga.

Much other news of Texas.

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