Independence, Independence! Texas Separates from Mexico!

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These are great (x5) grandchildren of Charles Bellinger Stewart holding the Texas flag that he designed. Stewart was also a signer of the Texas declaration of independence and the first Texas secretary of state. Submitted by Pratt on Texas listener Stu Childre of Lubbock.

March 2nd is Texas Independence Day.

That declaration of independence from Mexico was made by the Convention of 1836 which met at Washington on the Brazos as Mexican dictator Santa Anna massed troops in Texas intent on slaughtering all who opposed him and his shredding of the Mexican Constitution of 1824 under which this land was settled.

Ralph Steen, writing for the Texas State Historical Association, tell us:

The separation from Mexico was justified by a brief philosophical argument and by a list of grievances submitted to an impartial world.

 The declaration charged that the government of Mexico had ceased to protect the lives, liberty, and property of the people; that it had been changed from a restricted federal republic to a consolidated, central, military despotism; that the people of Texas had remonstrated against the misdeeds of the government only to have their agents thrown into dungeons and armies sent forth to enforce the decrees of the new government at the point of the bayonet… After the signing of the original declaration by fifty-nine delegates, five copies of the document were dispatched to the designated Texas towns of Bexar, Goliad, Nacogdoches, Brazoria, and San Felipe.

Note the clear core function of government put forth in the declaration: protect lives, ensure liberty, and protect private property rights.

2018 flag flying contest winner: Olivia & Allison Phillips “Flying the flag with my daughters.”

Would you be willing, as were they, to sign your death warrant for an idea, a slim possibility of gaining Liberty?

Those men did.

May God bless and keep their souls for they gave us freedom.

Robert Pratt reads the Texas Declaration of Independence.


  1. David moody says

    My family enjoyed the celebration at Washington on the Brazos yesterday.

  2. Charlie Brown says

    A very happy Texas Independence Day to all; love the note and pic about the Texas Flag!

  3. Roger Thetford says

    Thank you Robert

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