Biden Inauguration Day: Did he earn it?

Pratt on Texas - copyright Pratt on Texas all rights reservedIllegitimacy: unlawfulness by virtue of not being authorized by or in accordance with law.

In practical usage, illegitimacy is also used to describe many situations such as people having access to things they didn’t build and have such handed to them for nothing.

It is not just politicians who illegitimately take what you have and give it to others to gain favor, there are people all around us who themselves move in to illegitimately take or benefit off of the hard work of others. Sometimes more closely that one would have ever imagined.

Take Joe Biden. Did he earn election to the presidency?

From a working man’s point of view, even if he did indeed win the election without the aid of fraud, it is questionable that Biden earned the presidency in peoples’ minds by staying in his basement for most of the campaign. That’s not working for our votes or coming amongst us to know our problems. It is more like the man who stayed at the yacht club most of his life until daddy died or chose to hand him the reigns to the big old family business. Resentment follows.

American’s have a long history admiring those who innovate, work hard, and build what they do over years of risk and toil. Often the term used is “self-made man” and such is only a negative to the Left and the lazy. And on the flip side, Americans tend to resent those they perceive as having not done the work to earn the position or circumstance in which they sit. This is a widely shared human reaction but amplified in our society which has had a history or honoring individual achievement.

Joe Biden will suffer because he didn’t appear to work to win his position

In addition to his myriad of other problems, Joe Biden will suffer because he didn’t appear to work to win his position – even discounting issues of possible fraud. Others who take the “lucky” or easy path into position will find the same, they may enjoy the trappings of position but they will never have the full human respect of honest folks.

For most, the older and wiser you become the more you realize the honest and deserved respect of other respectable people is more valuable to life satisfaction than are transitory things.

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