Liz Cheney’s high-minded talk is highly petulant and hypocritical

Pratt on Texas - copyright Pratt on Texas all rights reservedOne of the telltale signs you are dealing with an immature child-like mentality is when there is not even a modicum of patience with the other party combined with a refusal to step back and examine the totality of an issue.

A Monday headline in the Rio Grande Guardian was this: “Freedom House: President Trump Must Leave Office Immediately.”

Certainly there is no shortage of folk who want a politician they oppose to leave office but making a show of demanding such when the president is already to be leaving office in a week, as have sanctimonious fools across the spectrum, is not so much a sign of righteous indignation as it is a sign of childish petulance.

Rep. Liz Cheney

Former Vice President Cheney’s daughter, Liz Cheney who is a member of the House of Representatives as a Republican, along with nine others, has acted no less petulant as the children-for-life of the foot-stamping Left.

She has shown herself as a traitress of a sort to Constitutional order by backing a last minute impeachment of President Trump justified, she says, because he “lit the flame” of a mostly peaceful protest in which a few others in her basket of petulant people didn’t treat the Capitol building as if it were a sacred holy space.

I’m not exaggerating; it is Ms. Cheney herself who called the building space “the most sacred space in our Republic.” That is as deeply offensive to respect for a Republic as are those who, in practice, treat their church building as the object of worship more than God and His Word.

As Christ’s confessing followers are the Church, not buildings, relics or idols, a Republic is the body of sovereign citizens not the buildings or institutions they create to facilitate their sovereign rule.

Liz Cheney, and others similar, talk high-mindedness about our Republic and then turn around to use the awesome power of legislative impeachment to settle emotional personal and political scores with a guy gone in a week anyway. Such is not high-minded, but rather highly petulant and hypocritical.


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