Is violence “never the answer,” is it always wrong? Is America illegitimate?

Pratt on Texas - copyright Pratt on Texas all rights reservedAre Leftists correct in claims made that the United States of America is an illegitimate nation? Human flaw after flaw, sin after sin of those who founded this country have been cited as reasons to support the idea that this nation is not exceptional and is, in practice, illegitimate. Are these people right and do you agree with them?

Most of you would reflexively declare “No!” to such but does your “No!” match your beliefs and rhetoric?

At the moment we are surrounded by those who espouse patriotism telling us that violence is never justified; violence is never the answer, and; violence is not patriotic.

Are those claims true?

War is the ultimate act of violence, it is very cold, coordinated violence designed to kill, maim, and utterly destroy an enemy’s will and ability to resist the will of the other party. Many of those telling you that violence is never justified have been active supporters of small military actions like that of Reagan in Granada to massive actions like the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan just to name a small number of examples.

Boston mob burns and loots the home of Lt. Gov. Thomas Hutchinson for supporting British Stamp Act in 1765.

“But Pratt,” you say. “War is different, it’s not the same.”

All war is not state to state, our Civil War was an extremely bloody affair in which brother killed brother to settle issues of the permanence of nationhood and to free humans from slavery. Is violence to restore or protect basic human rights, such as slavery, never the answer? It is easy to say so when it is not you and your children in chains.

And to the last: What was our American revolution if not pure street level political violence to which many resorted when the institutions of British rule failed to hear and act upon the pleas of British subjects living on this continent?

@Mike_Pence: “To those who wreaked havoc in our Capitol today, you did not win. Violence never wins. Freedom wins.

Be trite if you wish but if you join the shallow mantra of violence always being unjustified or wrong, you join the Left in agreeing that both Texas and these United States were born and perpetuated illegitimately.

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