Anti-Wimp: Gun packing grandma stops San Antonio carjacking

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WOAI/KABB reports: “According to the woman’s family, she was sitting in the backseat of a car [in San Antonio] at the McCreless Shopping Center at about 2:30 p.m.; her adult daughter, Kimberly, and a grandson were in the car with her and waiting for other family members to finish their shopping trip inside.

“Kimberly says it wasn’t long before a suspicious man began pacing around the car. He disappeared for a few moments, then returned and tried to open the back door where the grandmother was sitting.

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“When he jerked the door open she started struggling and pulling and they got into a struggle back-and-forth,” says Kimberly.

“The 65-year-old woman struggled with the man for a few seconds, although the family tells us it felt like an eternity. Kimberly says that’s when she pulled out her conceal carry pistol.

“He looked up and saw my pistol and he didn’t even run he just at a brisk pace walk back to his car and I was yelling and he just looked back and said I’m sorry ma’am and got in his car and nonchalantly drove off,” says Kimberly.”

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