No, Lubbock council members are not piles of human excrement. They are malicious cowards.

Pratt on Texas - copyright Pratt on Texas all rights reservedPerhaps I was wrong to repeatedly refer to each member of the Lubbock City Council as “human bags of excrement” and steaming piles of such repeatedly on Wednesday’s Pratt on Texas.

The problem is that extemporaneously it is quite difficult to come up with words to describe people who would vote unanimously against an ordinance designed to protect the very lives of innocent babies.

It is hard to describe to you what kind of person would claim to be pro-life and in opposition to the systematic murder of babies in the womb but, at the same time, would be unable to vote for city ordinance that is designed to enforce state law, which still outlaws such murder in Texas, the moment a court overturns the damnable Roe v. Wade decision.

(Roe versus Wade t is the judicial fiat decision through which Left-leaning judges decided that out constitution, which is dedicated to protecting the lives and rights of the citizenry, also magically, protects the rights of adults to murder babies in the womb for the convenience of those adults who created them but had second thoughts after they chose to engage in pro-creation activity.)

No, members of the Lubbock City Council are not actually “human bags of excrement” and steaming piles of such even if their actions smell like it.

Now that I’ve had time to reflect, much better descriptive words are: Pusillanimous, yellow-bellied, dastard, caitiff, lily-livered, hypocrite, wimp, wuss, scoundrel, spineless, timorous, gutless, unprincipled, pathetic, and cowardly.

Think about it.

There is no personal legal risk to council members for passing the pro-life ordinance and no risk to taxpayers as it does not allow government enforcement until the courts overturn Roe v. Wade.

These folk were not asked to do something dangerous to demonstrate their pro-life positions, they were only asked to vote “yes” on some paperwork of symbolic importance.

What else is it but cowardly to claim to be pro-life but be unwilling to simply cast a vote in that direction?


  1. Sheila Diggs says

    Their actions speak louder than words; and the screams of the innocent babies murdered will ring in their heads forever.

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