Our democratic process is under threat – from the Left and its tech oligarchs

Pratt on TexasThe headline “Tech Despots Censor Bombshell Story About Biden Grift” retells the old tale of how the Left is usually engaged in what they accuse others of. We’ve been treated to a plethora of stories and pundit commentary these past few years of how Donald Trump and conservatives are trying to destroy democracy; take this headline from The Guardian as an example: “Donald Trump’s plot against democracy could break America apart.”

Donald Trump and conservatives have done nothing to harm the democratic process. It’s Trump out before the people at rally after rally; Trump in media interview after interview, and; Trump giving White House press reporters more time week after week than almost any chief executive in history – all things central to a democratic process.

What about the Left’s nominee Joe Biden? Biden has been hidden in his basement most of the year; runs a campaign where events and availability end often as early as the 9 a.m. hour, and; when actually taking a question on an important subject, such as about packing the supreme court, says the public does not have a right to know his position.

Which of the two is participating in “democracy” in an open and active manner?

Owners and staff of social media and other tech firms are actively working to keep voters from seeing information that is not complimentary to the Democrat nominee such as the New York Post’s bombshell story on Hunter Biden corruption and direct links of such to Joe.

This sickness is not just here,  Facebook shut down the page of a bonafide New Zealand political party just ahead of the election because it objects to opinions held by that party on the Kiwi ballot. Our democratic process is under threat — from the Left and its tech oligarchs.

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