M.J. Hegar’s “problem with black folks” includes Royce West

Pratt on Texas - copyright Pratt on Texas all rights reservedI reported on Monday that after the snoozer of a “debate” telecast statewide last Friday between Senator Cornyn and M.J. “Big Mama” Hegar, in which she claimed to have her primary opponent’s backing, that opponent, state Senator Royce West, was asked about it and told the Statesman: “She’s had a problem all along with black folks, I mean realistically, a real problem… She has never reached out, and it is what it is with her, and I’m not voting for her; I’m not voting in that race.”

State Senator Royce West, Democrat of Dallas

That’s rather emphatic on the part of West and a big statement of no confidence in his party’s nominee for U.S. Senate. Sure, later in the week to calm nerves, he made a statement that he would be voting a complete Democratic ticket from top to bottom but one would have to be a fool to think he didn’t mean what he said to the Statesman’s Tilove about how disappointed he had been with M.J. Hegar. West even said he would skip voting in the U.S. Senate race.

You have prominent Texas Democrat Royce West, Big Mama’s runoff opponent; saying he wouldn’t vote for her on Friday and by Tuesday, the Cornyn campaign had radio, online and television ads featuring the damning statements.

What was the response from M.J. “Big Mama” Hegar’s campaign? In testing credulity to the limit, Hegar’s mouthpiece, Amanda Sherman said: “Sen. Cornyn’s latest desperate political stunt is pathetic and disrespectful to the millions of Black Texans…”

Only in the Democratic Party is it “disrespectful” to blacks to quote a black Democrat leader about how a white suburban woman has “had a problem all along with black folks.”

What bunch of pillocks.

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