Beware “education watchdogs” in Texas

Pratt on Texas - copyright Pratt on Texas all rights reservedBig headline in the Hearst papers Friday: “Education watchdogs give Texas an ‘F’ for its climate change curriculum.” Read the story and the only value in it is that it shows how most, if not all, so-called “education watchdogs” are simply front groups for the worldwide Leftists including Democrats.

“The report said Texas’ standards “largely ignore the issue” of climate change and generally fail to acknowledge the seriousness of the crisis. The findings come as Texas is in the process of updating its science curriculum standards, which will be finalized next month,” reported Hearst.

I commend Hearst for admitting in the opening line that the groups involved are “left-leaning” but why not in the headline which is what most people read? Instead the headline identifies those making the charge as “education watchdogs” when it should read “leftist advocacy groups” give Texas and ‘F’ for it climate change curriculum.

But the story really gets it wrong with this line: “Three scientists independently reviewed states’ curricula for the study…” Really? Leftist advocacy groups found three scientists independent of their viewpoint to do their study? That begs credulity but beyond that, the criteria for their study was itself devoid of independence as it uses as it’s bedrock principles dogma of the Left that is not derived from uncontestable scientific result.

Overall I think the story is rather funny and it does a good job of pointing out how much of education advocacy is little more than Democrat-Leftist political work.

Today is Columbus Day and Leftists are trying to end all honoring of Columbus. On Pratt on Texas today we’ll celebrate Western Civilization, brought to the New World by the path that Columbus blazed, with Dr. Stephen H. Balch.

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