SD30 Special Election: Pratt endorses Rep. Drew Springer & tells why

Pratt on Texas - copyright Pratt on Texas all rights reservedOvershadowed by other events, an important special election to fill Texas Senate District 30 is underway with early voting ending Friday and election day being Tuesday, 29 September.

The two major candidates are Representative Drew Springer and hair salon operator Shelley Luther and a behind the scenes battle over disagreements in the last legislative session are being pushed to center stage in the race.

image: Springer

Rep. Drew Springer

Several key conservatives with which I am usually in agreement are opposing Springer over what they continue to claim was his work to derail, or water down, the bill banning taxpayer funded lobbying in the last legislative session.

The bill appeared in trouble in the House and a weaker committee substitute was indeed introduced by Springer but such was done at the request of the committee chairman. If Springer was the member poisoning the well, why then have the issue’s biggest backers in the House endorsed him in this race?

Additionally, on Pratt on Texas Rep. Springer said unequivocally that he would vote for the original, Senator Hall’s senate bill, anytime and fully supports such.

Shelley Luther

Many have jumped on the Luther bandwagon including Midland’s Tim Dunn with a one million dollar donation. But what does Luther actually believe?  Senator Fallon pointed out that, before she was running for office and being coached to sound Republican, she sent out a tweet supporting Black Lives Matter and Luther acknowledges such.

Worse, I asked Luther basic questions about a major issue she raised in her campaign and she promptly demonstrated almost no knowledge on such. She called for electing appraisal board members on Facebook and then admitted that she doesn’t actually know much about how the process works.

Luther has a solid bullet point list of conservative positions but is there any evidence she believes in them?

Luther is trading on a bit of celebrity, which might be fine if she had a record to support her claimed conservatism but she doesn’t, she has not even voted in a Republican Primary – ever!

We’ve been fooled time and again by folks claiming to be conservatives.

Drew Springer has a record to prove he is conservative; Shelley Luther does not. Because of that, and acknowledging great admiration for Luther’s fight against WuFlu tyranny, I fully endorse Representative Drew Springer the seat. Springer has a conservative record in the House and has lived up to all he promised us when he first ran.


Someone on Facebook asked: “Who is behind Shelley Luther’s campaign? She seems to be a made candidate. Thank you for the clear information.”

I though I would add my reply here:

She raised $500,000 in the go-fund-me for the jail incident (oddly we now learn the go-fund-me was setup prior to the re-opening of the salon and subsequent arrest.) Many, including me, admire her greatly for standing up to WuFlu tyranny but unlike me, others take this as some evidence she is actually conservative.

Many conservative activists I am usually with have jumped on her bandwagon; one gave her $1 million.

After interviewing her and noting she’s never bothered to vote in a primary (even this year,) I do not think that there is much to bolster claims she’s conservative. Add to it that she tweeted support of BLM and I think she’s all over the place and likely not worthy of voters’ trust.

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  1. Robert Gamber says

    Thanks, Robert. Voted for Drew this morning after hearing your endorsement on yesterday’s show.

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