LBJ and others would be envious of modern Texas Democrats

Pratt on Texas - copyright Pratt on Texas all rights reservedIn his appeal to the Texas 14th Court of Appeals, the Texas Attorney General wrote: “There is little time to stop [Harris County Clerk Chris] Hollins’s ultra vires efforts to circumvent the careful limits the Constitution places on county officials’ authority. Hollins can take only such actions as are authorized by the Legislature, and the Legislature has granted him precise powers relating to mail-in ballots in this State.”

Attorney General Paxton claims that Democrat Hollins’s plan to send mail-in ballot applications circumvents the careful limits the Constitution places on county officials’ authority and such makes the action ultra vires in nature, meaning beyond one’s legal authority.

The appeal is to urge the court to prevent Harris County Clerk Chris Hollins from sending over two million unsolicited mail-in ballot applications to registered voters in Harris County, many of whom do not qualify to vote by mail.

“As Hollins has acknowledged, the proper function of Texas’s mail-in-ballot system depends on the honesty and good faith of Texas voters. Voters must decide in the first—and usually the last—instance whether they are eligible to vote by mail. …. Requiring voters to affirmatively seek out an application is an important first step in that process. There has already been widespread confusion regarding who is and is not eligible to vote by mail during this election cycle. Sending applications to millions of ineligible voters—applications that will bear the imprimatur of the Harris County Clerk—will only exacerbate this situation,” the Office of Attorney General wrote in its appeal.

As of this writing (and production) the appeals court had not acted to issue a temporary block to the Harris County Democrats’ effort to muck up voting in Texas’ largest county.

The entire episode does show one thing: Texas Democrats are in lock-step with the most radical around the country in trying to openly subvert the law in order to gain electoral advantage – and to think, LBJ and the huge lot of them used to try really hard to hide all their election rigging.


AG Paxton: Texas Supreme Court Stops Harris County Clerk from Sending Millions of Unsolicited Mail-In Ballot Applications

AUSTIN – Attorney General Ken Paxton today lauded the Texas Supreme Court for preventing Harris County Clerk Chris Hollins from sending over two million unsolicited mail-in ballot applications to all registered voters in Harris County. The court entered its order in response to a filing made earlier today by Attorney General Paxton on behalf of the State of Texas seeking emergency relief to prevent Hollins from sending the applications before the State’s lawsuit against Hollins is resolved.

“I strongly commend the Texas Supreme Court for stopping the Harris County Clerk from sending millions of mail-in ballot applications, which would create voter confusion and jeopardize the integrity and security of our elections,” said Attorney General Paxton. “The Harris County Clerk knowingly chose to violate Texas election law and undermine election security. I thank the court for preventing the clerk from proceeding with his unlawful plans while this case continues.”

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