Party conventions showed a stark contrast between blamers and doers

Pratt on Texas - copyright Pratt on Texas all rights reservedWhat a stark difference, one of the most on display in my lifetime, between the two major party political conventions we have seen. Perhaps the problems with holding a traditional in-person convention is why certain styles were changed but it is not the cause of the massive difference in attitude and message.

The Democrats gave Americans a show worthy of the most over-pampered whiney adolescent to whom everyone outside of her immediate peer orbit are mean, horrible, ignorant, and embarrassing. Democrat speaker after speaker decried Western Civilization and the United States of America as the cause of almost all personal failures of the people they claim to represent. In short, it was wall to wall scapegoating.

Republicans, under the leadership of President Trump, refused the pale pastels of the Democrats and Never Trumpers, and went full-throated pro-America. But, it was not the blind and empty patriotism we see from dictators, manipulators, and demagogues, it was patriotism and freedom in action expressed through life story after story of real people of all walks, backgrounds, and talents.

Not only did the conventions provide a clear contrast between views of our country and society, it provided contrast between the types of people who hold those views. Democrats offered up angry blamers and Republicans showcased those who understand that if it is to be, it starts with me when providing a better life for themselves and their families.

I recommend sharing individual a speech which resonated personally with you, all are on YouTube, every week or two with family and friends on social media up through the election.

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