Wichita Falls’ Cathy Dodson says much about Civil War monuments

Pratt on Texas - copyright Pratt on Texas all rights reservedAccording to Claire Kowalick, writing for the Wichita Falls Times Record News, while many at a city council hearing in Wichita Falls claimed that a small monument honoring those who died in the Civil War “glorifies a racist and treasonous cause,” one resident had a very different view.

Cathy Dodson said as a Black woman who has lived in Wichita Falls for 41 years, she does not care about the monument one way or another. She noted falling onto hard times in the 1980s and having to go on food stamps to feed her son and herself.

“One of my proudest moments was when I walked into that welfare office and said I don’t need food stamps anymore,” Dodson said.

Hard work and perseverance made her wealthy, she said, despite that “rock” sitting by the Memorial Auditorium.

“It’s just a rock, it’s not good, not bad. It does not have the ability to be racist. It does not control anything,” Dodson said.

She called the ordeal over the monument a distraction and said if people really wanted to help, they could start with the Black men sitting on the curb at Faith Mission.

“If BLM (Black Lives Matter) wanted to help Black people in the area, they could help with their needs, like paying the rent, putting food on the table. That would be more beneficial,” she said.

If anyone put the whole issue better in simple terms than Cathy Dodson of Wichita Falls I don’t know who did.


  1. Cathy Dodson, from Wichita Falls is a patriot. I salute her courage and dedication to guard our freedom.

  2. Cathy, you have my vote ! Common sense is in such short supply, congratulations on the success your hard work brought you, and God bless you truth speaker !

  3. Patricia Talikka says

    Unable to open link…

    • Pratt on Texas says

      I am unsure of which link you refer. I have checked both the video link at the bottom and the link to the TRN story and both work fine.

  4. Jacquelyn S Bryant says

    Ms. Dodson, if you knew the true history of Wichita Falls you would retract the stupidness you have said. Since you are protesting that the racist statue not be move, request that the sewer be removed from the black neighborhood that has been there since Wichita Falls was established. Yes, our neighborhood has been infested with white man feces for a 100 years. The stench Ms Dodson sometimes was so strong that it was unbearable to breath. Did you stand up when they decided to tear the historical only black theater (Carver Theatre) in Wichita Falls down? But you want to save the rock that bought much blood to our people, Are you any kin to Clarence Thomas?

    • Pratt on Texas says

      You didn’t hear her properly. She did not protest the “statue not be move” [sic], she testified to the fact that the piece of stone is neutral, inanimate and cannot be racist in and of itself. Also she was essentially neutral to the issue of moving it and instead saying that people should focus on actions that authentically help those they claim to represent. As to the “sewer,” we no longer live under Democratic Party Jim Crow segregation laws so you are free to move to a better neighborhood. I’ve had to move before to distance myself from nuisance and it had nothing to do with racism or victimhood.

  5. Jane Manning says

    I so respect your fortitude and courage. We need more black people like you to speak out in truth. You persevered and did what was important for you and your son without complaining or whining. You are a perfect example to all people as to how they should live their lives.
    God Bless You,

  6. Cathy Dodson for president ! As far as your sewer problem goes, seems to me that instead of calling Cathy’s speech” stupidness ” I would consider her a role model for solving problems. She is obviously an accomplished, and successful individual who is suggesting that problems like the one you describe in your neighborhood SHOULD be addressed with a priority above the removal of a statue. Cathy, you inspire me!

  7. gary minton says

    Speaking as an outsider from Wales, UK, we are shocked at all the destruction and violence going on in the USA . Even more shocking is the fact that some folk still think the Civil War was fought over slavery. Figure it out, did 620,000 Americans kill each other just to free some slaves in the South. I studied American history, and boy, a lot was left out to suit the situation. Anyway, God bless this true American Patriot for her bravery and intelligence, she is a great example of Black Americans.

    • Pratt on Texas says

      Note: Much of what you are seeing, violence-wise, is limited to a few small areas of a few cities in an otherwise enormous country, so keep that in mind.
      It is serious in those tiny spots but remember that media hype is not limited to the BBC or Sky.

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