Abbott’s rule by decree needs checking by legislators, some are trying.

Pratt on Texas - copyright Pratt on Texas all rights reservedLast week Governor Abbott took his drunk-with-power rule-by-decree to the extreme levels we usually only see in the most oppressive Leftwing states. In his order that all people of Texas wear a politician imposed muzzle, or face diaper, over their mouths, Abbott lighted a fire of anger with those True Texans who understand the blessing of Liberty and what Rule of Law truly means.

The number of posts at from listeners set a record by-far as did the fact that on the day of the order listener calls filled each segment of the show until the last few seconds of broadcast time.

Listener David wrote: “I sent Abbott a letter saying that he had lost my vote. He will probably never see it. People that want to wear a mask already are. People that are afraid of dying are already dead inside!”

Laura asked the near impossible: “…Can you please make a concerted effort to pound sense into Abbott’s and Patrick’s hard heads and save so many of us extreme grief before we get arrested for being normal human beings.”

Gregory posted: “What a shame. Nueces county beaches are closed for the fourth, no cars on the beach rather crowded like livestock thru beach access roads. No where to park, what a cluster. I am a resident in Port Aransas this will create mobs of people concentrated all over the town instead of spread out down the beaches. Thank the governor, county judge and mayor of Port Aransas for this travesty. Wake up America!”

What can you do now?

Pound your legislators hard over this rule-by-decree stuff especially by phone calls and emails. There are leaders such as Senator Charles Perry, saying a legislative special session is needed to prevent more “overreach” from the Executive Branch. Push them hard and give them the political support to put a stop to the overreach.


  1. Jeff Peterson says

    I found this article in the Wichita Falls Times and Record News from 2/15/2018:
    It states that by that date in 2018, there had been 21 P&I deaths in Wichita County. Lou Kreider stated that folks should [not] panic, this was normal, and that we sometimes had a second wave and activity into May.

    Now compare those numbers wuth the county covid website:
    Three deaths by 7/7/2020. THREE!!! I am extraordinarily pissed. I was in Granbury in Hood county on Sunday. No mask order. I refuse to do business with any establishment “requiring” me to wear one. I dare anyone to “warn” me. I will not pay any fines and I will become a criminal according to their crap of a decree if it comes to that.

    I’m a listener club member, and I will send this via email too. I missed the show Friday and Monday because of work and I’m on the website trying to catch up.

    Semper Fidelis

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